SyncSpot is an AI
that sets up brand-partnerships.

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How does it work?

The SyncSpot Process


1. Optimal Partnerships

Our AI produces a campaign strategy from a creative brief and matches you with the best brands based on statistical alignment.

2. Automated Fulfillment

SyncSpot manages automated campaigns designed to make it easy for customers to participate.

3. Learning AI

SyncSpot grows more effective over time, leading to even better matches and campaigns in the future.
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Here are some examples of the SyncSpot fulfillment process.

Increasing sales via video rewards

Increasing footfall via through eBooks

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What's wrong with brand-partnerships today?


They Lose Money

According to a whitepaper by SAP, 2 out of 3 brand-partnerships lose money every year ($73.5 billion).

Outdated and Complicated

Due to traditional business models and excessive manual work, many partnerships are time consuming and inefficient.

Expensive and Risky

The cost of human labour, uncertain alignment, and a drawn-out process all add to the pain of brand-partnerships.

Simpler, Cheaper, Smarter

With data science and a 21st century business model, you will...


Reduce Risk

By partnering with brands based on statistical alignment, you will minimize costs and ensure a successful campaign.

Increase Your Bandwidth

Our optimized platform allows you to work with more partners and run more campaigns while spending less time and money.

Get Better Matches

Our AI-driven platform can match partnerships based on 30x more factors than a human can.